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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Honeyberry \Hon"ey*ber`ry\, n.; pl. -berries. The fruit of either of two trees having sweetish berries:

  1. An Old World hackberry ( Celtis australis).

  2. In the West Indies, the genip ( Melicocca bijuga).


n. 1 The edible fruit of the mamoncillo ((taxlink Melicoccus bijugatus species noshow=1)), a soapberry which tastes like a mix of lychee and lime. 2 The edible fruit of the (vern blue-berried honeysuckle pedia=1) ((taxlink Lonicera caerulea species noshow=1)). 3 The edible, sweet, dark purple fruit of the deciduous (vern European nettle tree pedia=1) (''Celtis australis'').


Honeyberry or honey berry is a common name for the edible fruits of several plants and may refer to:

  • Mamoncillo, or Spanish lime (Melicoccus bijugatus), a soapberry tree with an edible fruit described as between a lychee and a lime.
  • Blue-berried honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea), a variety of honeysuckle with an edible, blueberry-like fruit.
  • European nettle tree, (Celtis australis), a deciduous tree with edible dark purple, sweet berry-like fruit.

Usage examples of "honeyberry".

She wished she had been planting honeyberries instead of dull old vegetables.