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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hone \Hone\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Honed (h[=o]nd); p. pr. & vb. n. Honing.]

  1. To sharpen on, or with, a hone; to rub on a hone in order to sharpen; as, to hone a razor.

  2. to render more precise or more effective; as, to hone one's skills.

  1. 1 Made sharp. 2 Made more accurate or precise. v

  2. (en-past of: hone)

Usage examples of "honed".

His physical discomfort was numbed but his mind was honed to such an edge he'd have tackled the giant reptile confidently.

He must keep his mind clear, his sensitivities honed for any nuance that would point a direction toward success.

Joat had become well-acquainted with the station's drills but, with survival skills as finely honed as hers were, she had put the suit on when the klaxon sounded Red Alert.

Her apprehension, honed by weeks of watching spurred her to remove the protective cover from her sled in preparation for a quick departure.

He was honed with eagerness to see what Benden proposed to do about the discovery.

He kept his belt knife honed sharp and hoped the steel blade would last until he could replace it as the daily honings were visibly narrowing the good blade.

A combination of many things had made him a loner, a man without hearth or home, who lived on the razor's edge of danger and stayed alive by his wits and his finely honed body.

Even more now than before, Steve was essentially alone, his personal­ity so honed that he was complete unto himself.

Nope, she honed right in on the genetic question of why he had blue eyes.

He had been honed to a perfect fighting machine, a warrior who was in top condition, but who used his brain more than his brawn.

A split-second reaction, honed by years of looking over her shoulder, saved her.

Lying there with his iron-hard body naked and relaxed, he looked like what he was, a warrior honed down and redefined by years of battle.

She and Christine honed their wits on each other with mutual enjoyment while still maintaining a totally amicable relationship.

The beauty of bone and muscle and sinew, honed by a lifetime of work and battle, made her weak.

All his instincts, honed razor sharp by years in a dangerous job, were on the alert and scanning for a target.