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Honan , is an Irish surname, possibly originating in County Clare.

Honan (disambiguation)

Honan may refer to:

  • Henan, a Chinese province, often called "Honan" in older texts
  • Honan, an Irish surname
  • Honan, Burma, a town in Shan State
  • Honan Chapel, in Cork, Ireland

Usage examples of "honan".

They conquered Fushun, Liaoyang, Mukden, Shensi, Honan, Shantung, Kiangnan, Kiangsi, Hupeh, Szechuan, Fukien, Chinchou, Amur, and eventually Peking.

General Shang Chen, commander of the 20th Army Corps in Honan, Stilwell was able to leave again, this time for Kaifeng and Hsuchow, western and eastern ends of the Lunghai line.