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n. (plural of homo English)

Homos (footballer)

'''Mohamed Homos ''' (born 1 January 1979), usually known by his nickname Homos, is a retired Egyptian football midfielder who played for Ismaily for most of his career.

With the Egyptian national team played in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, he scored his first ever and only international goal from a header in Egypt's second game of the group stage against Italy, giving the reigning African champions a 1–0 win over the reigning world champions. After the match, he was named Man of the Match by the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG).

Usage examples of "homos".

He had said the fashion designers were all homos and they hated women because they saw in them competition.

All you have to do is combine it with the anti-lesbian campaign: just let the homos stand around and watch and see how good it is.

But the mention of homos had made my hands freeze and I had dropped my slice.

In just three days, we begin to reform those chauvinistic pigs of homos, and with my husband's demonstrations, believe you me, kiddo, the place will be full of standing ovations.

For, adding to my anxiety, they came in chattering about how nice it would be when they had all the homos reformed.

I want to run mugshots of known homos by Otis Jackson and other local pushers.

The E-Z Cab Company was run by homos, and they would deliver you a boy, queer smut films, extra KY Jelly, bennies, or your favorite liquor twenty-four hours a day.

I braced Hartshorn, and he thought at first I was a Homicide dick, ‘cause he was acquainted with one of the dead homos from Upshaw’s job.

They're homos, and they live with Jerry's mother in a cozy little love nest in Eagle Rock.

But Dave felt that feigning a cold was for homos and so he feigned the Black Death, was given a good smacked-bottom by his mum and sent to school.

It was not that they were less bizarre, it was not that the models had any more meat on them, it was not that the (bleeping) homos had been any less industrious in trying to make women look awful and thus get the men into their own beds: they were just entirely different.