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Homa may refer to:

  • Homa (ritual), a religious practice in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, involving making offerings into a consecrated fire
  • Homa (leafhopper), an insect genus in the tribe Empoascini
  • Huma bird, a creature of Persian mythology
  • Another spelling for Haoma in Zoroastrianism
  • A popular female Persian name
  • Homa F.C., a professional league football club based in Tehran, Iran
  • Homeostatic model assessment, a medical formula for quantifying insulin resistance
  • Homa Bay, a town and a bay on the shore of Lake Victoria in Kenya
  • Homa Mountain, a volcano near Homa Bay
  • Harmonic Oscillator Model of Aromaticity, a method for quantifying aromaticity
  • Homa, Ethiopia
  • Homa, Iran, a village in Lorestan Province, Iran
  • Homa, North Khorasan, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Homa-ye Bala (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Homag (disambiguation), various places in Iran
  • Homay, Iran (disambiguation), various places in Iran
  • Homa TV, an Iranian TV channel
  • Iran Air's acronym, in Persian-language
  • Homa Darabi foundation, founded by Parvin Darabi
Homa (ritual)

Homa is a Sanskrit word that refers to a ritual, wherein an oblation or any religious offering is made into fire. A Homa is sometimes called a "sacrifice ritual" because the fire destroys the offering, but a Homa is more accurately a "votive ritual". The fire is the agent, and the offerings include those that are material and symbolic such as grains, clarified butter, milk, incense and seeds.

It is rooted in the Vedic religion, and was adopted in ancient times by Buddhism and Jainism. The practice spread from India to Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Homa rituals remain an important part of many Hindu ceremonies, and variations of Homa continue to be practiced in current-day Buddhism, particularly in parts of Tibet and Japan. It is also found in modern Jainism.

A Homa ritual is known by alternate names, such as yajna in Hinduism which sometimes means larger public fire rituals, or jajnavidhana or goma in Buddhism. In modern times, a Homa or Havana tends to refer to a private ritual around a symbolic fire, such as those observed at a wedding.

Homa (woreda)

Homa is one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. It is part of the Mirab Welega Zone. It was separated from Gimbi woreda. It is bounded by Haru in the east, Lalo Asabi in the west and Genji in the south. The administrative center for this woreda is Homa.

Usage examples of "homa".

She took another sip of the delicious homa, already beginning to feel rejuvenated.

Lady Jenna a large mug of homa, and get it from the cold store, so it will be cool.

Her expression mutinous, Jenna took the homa from the proffered tray and sipped it.

He turned down an offering of kashni, the potent drink the Leors favored for celebrations, opting instead for homa to break his fast.

Jenna was still beneath the awning with Lani and the android, but it appeared she had replaced the homa with kashni.

When the homa was mixed and automatically poured into large containers, Jenna dragged those containers onto wide, low air carts and took them to one of four walk-in coolers called cold stores, each larger than her old quarters in Shamara.

She was exhausted, but if she had to crawl to the mixers, then the cold stores, to get the homa made and put way, then by the Spirit, she would.

She finally finished the last batch of homa and wheeled it into the cold store.

She poured the chilled homa and brought the tumbler to the table, sitting across from Jenna.

He strode to the large console that contained a small cold store where fruit and homa were available for quick snacks, as well as a cabinet where kashni and glasses were stored.

She had just put him down and was getting him some homa when the dizziness hit her.

She was sweeter than warmed homa in the chill desert night, and he lingered a long moment, desire roaring through him when she responded, kissing him back.

Returning to the skimmer, she retrieved a pack with supplies: thermal blankets, homa, medical aids.

She poured the homa, recapped the heat store, then slipped back under the blanket before holding the mug to his lips.

Violence had broken out again, in the wake of an Israeli decision to build new housing in Har Homa, an Israeli settlement on the outskirts of East Jerusalem.