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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And as Arnie S is on his hols at the mo, Turrican is the man to help.
▪ But don't take this as an excuse to skimp on insurance when you book your hols.
▪ He only noticed when he arrived home near Milan from their hols.
▪ I've got some news on Batty from an article I read over the hols.
▪ I think the defence as a whole unit has played tremendously well over the hols.
▪ Most of my driving is on tarmac with some beach work whilst on hols launching my boat.
▪ People come and borrow my suitcases for their hols and I always seem to have the perfect choice for their requirements.
▪ There's something to have a bash at while you're relaxing over the Christmas hols!

n. (context British informal English) holidays (time off work or time spent travelling).


Hols may refer to:

  • Hols: Prince of the Sun, a Japanese anime film
  • Holidays
  • House of Large Sizes, an American alternative rock band

Usage examples of "hols".

The word-of-mouth publicity was so good that Snotty was able to demand cash with reservation, and even so his booking sheet was full as far ahead as the beginning of the hols and half the fellows were saving so frantically to try and come up with two pounds that sales at the school tuck shop fell off dramatically.