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a. (context biochemistry of a protein English) Bound by ligands n. (context science fiction English) hologram


Hölö is a locality situated in Södertälje Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 1,400 inhabitants in 2010. It lies near the lake Långsjön and is slightly north of Vagnhärad and south of Södertälje.

Usage examples of "holo".

The holo bay divided itself into four windows to show three such closeups plus the original long shot from halfway up the tree trunk.

So there were padded chairs and a luxurious bed, thick carpets on the floor and a well-stocked drinks cabinet, but no cybernetic toys or diversions, no holo views or personalized illusions on his walls.

He found her in a new holo when he ripped into the envelope, standing with another woman amid the strangeness of an Earthside park.

There were holographs of Fiona, at various stages of her career, usually in the company of some political or financial celebrity, as well as holos of her long-dead husband and two grown sons.

Just as the holos of Peter, Wendy, and the lost boys had flown within a few meters of the floater, several pterodactyls now swooped in to eye them suspiciously.

It is populated by holos and gentle, slow-moving mechanical simulations.

They had grumbled and complained about their assignment until Ray told them they could order the computer to run all the pro wrestling holos their little hearts desired.

Down in Sun Country, he would finally feel her mighty grasp, explore the limitless flatness he knew only from holos, discover all her marvels of tree and mountain, ocean and cloud, the splendor of her blue-shining sky.

He studied the old books and holos and paintings and sculptures, carried them away to be restored, and brought identical copies back to replace them.

I knew they had made holos of Pen, begging him to say more about the new Earth than he ever would.

The woman looked a little odd, I thought, with her head of short ginger-hued fur instead of hair, yet as lovely as Mona had looked in the holos made when she and El Chino reached the Moon.

The wall flickered and the holos came back with monkeys chattering in jungle treetops.

They liked sculptured hair and huge, gyrating holos of their twentieth-century icons.

They can all tune in their holos and watch us getting our ass kicked in living color.

The best place to see and be seen, watched on billions of holos across the Empire.