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holly fern
  1. n. any of various ferns of the genus Polystichum having fronds with texture and gloss like holly

  2. tropical Old World fern having glossy fronds suggestive of holly; sometimes placed in genus Polystichum [syn: Cyrtomium aculeatum, Polystichum aculeatum]

Holly fern

Holly fern or hollyfern is a common name for several different species and genera of ferns:

  • Cyrtomium falcatum in the genus Cyrtomium
  • Polystichum lonchitis in the genus Polystichum
  • Arachniodes
  • Polystichum

Usage examples of "holly fern".

The tiny pink stars of stonecrop softened the edges of fissures in the silvery-grey rock, stone bramble and holly fern flourished, while wine-red moss-campion and yellow saxifrage lent a splash of bright colour.