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n. (context UK dialectal English) A hollow cavity. vb. 1 (context transitive UK dialectal English) To dig out; make hollow; hollow out. 2 (context transitive UK dialectal English) To dig; dig into; pierce; penetrate; investigate; poke. 3 (context transitive UK dialectal English) To dig up; excavate.


Holk is a hamlet in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It is a part of the municipality of Nijkerk, and lies about 7 km northeast of Amersfoort.

Usage examples of "holk".

Wallenstein or such men as Tilly and Pappenheim, however, Holk did not have any significant victories to his credit.

Whatever else, Wallenstein had been able to assign tasks to Holk with the certain knowledge that whatever could be done by harshness and brutality would be done well.

Or, for that matter, who knows what Holk and his butchers will do, when they get the news.

Not even the still-considerable body of residents who were Habsburg loyalists wanted Holk around.

Nobody in their right mind, except his own thugs, wanted Holk anywhere nearby.

Not the richest part, to be sure, but Holk and his men are not fussy looters.

So, using her CB, she kept them informed all day of the movements of Holk and his men.

But Holk had twice as many men in his army as he could get onto the bridge in one charge, and if he was a drunk and a brute he was not actually incompetent.

Fortunately, the inhabitants of that section of Prague had fled before Holk arrived.

As he drank the holk, he seemed to remember being given a drink in the past that promised to make him feel better.

She wanted nothing better than a hot meal and some mulled holk to soothe her aching bones.

The promise of hot food and holk proved too tempting to be put off by mere physical discomfort, and Jack rose from his bed.

He sipped on his mulled holk, hoping that might relieve the pain a little.

She would always warm him some holk whenever he had a chill or an ache, and sometimes for no more reason than it was cold outside and she wanted to show her love.

Baralis took one last mouthful of the now cool holk and then readied himself for the queen.