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Holiya (caste)

Holiya are a scheduled caste of India, mainly belonging to present day Karnataka State, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and also Madhya Pradesh

Originally, they were one of the out-caste, commonly an agricultural labor. The term Hola means an agricultural field and term Holiya is derived from Hola.

In British India, Holiyas lived in Canara, Coorg Province and Mysore. They were one of the lowest class, a perdial slave, who can be sold by the owner of the estate in which they were located.

Holiyas are considered to be a sub division of Dher. Among Dhers there were three principal class of slaves called Holiyas, Yemaru and Paleru.

Holiya are also known by name of Pariah in some areas. The old Tamil poems and early Christian writing do not mention the word Pariah or Paraiyan but mention the name of a tribe called Eyninas, who were quite distinct from the rest of people and did not live in villages, but in forts of their own. Mr Francis, a historian, regards them as ancestors of present day Pariahas or Holiyas.


Holiya may refer to :-

  • A town named Holiya in Nepal - Holiya, Nepal
  • A tribe of India called - Holiya (caste)
  • A language of India - Holiya language