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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
holiday home
▪ For as well as maintaining stately homes and castes, the National Trust is in the holiday home business.
▪ Members in Ireland have tracked down the original carriage; it was acting as a holiday home, and was virtually intact!
▪ Our holiday home had been comfortably furnished with great thought and style.
▪ They want it primarily as a holiday home, for recreation.
▪ Vodka-tippler Elliott, 70, is now recovering at his holiday home on Ibiza with second wife Susan.
holiday home

n. A second home used for holidays.

Usage examples of "holiday home".

Clearly, the villa was a holiday home for a wealthy family who had shut it up for the winter.

McGinty hadn't bought a holiday home on Islay simply because he liked the place.

Mr Leering, the smooth, grey-haired master of the drill, who seemed perpetually tanned from a trip to his holiday home in Ibiza, was fiddling about inside my mouth while subliminal baroque music tinkled on the cassette player and the blonde nurse looked on with well-simulated concern.

George had come here, to live full-time in this luxurious holiday home of his, only because his wife had been murdered in a shoot-out in East Germany.

A holiday home just south of Inverness had gone up in flames shortly before the paper went to press.

Holly Carmichael had won the 1961 award of the Institute for a beach house on the dunes overlooking Plettenburg Bay that she had designed as a holiday home for one of the Witwatersrand insurance ' magnates.

Possibly at the turn of the century it had been a holiday home for some wealthy Frenchman, a carved balcony on the upper-floor affording a magnificent view of the Chateau Gutsch and within walking distance of Lake Lucerne itself.