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The Collaborative International Dictionary

holey \holey\ adj. having pores or holes.

Syn: porous.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from hole + -y (2). The -e- retained so the eye may distinguish it from holy.


a. having, or being full of, holes


adj. allowing passage in and out; "our unfenced and largely unpoliced border inevitably has been very porous" [syn: porous]


Usage examples of "holey".

Obviously, some great power, un-known on all Caledonia, was involved, and these from Beyond controlled powers unbeknown to the holiest bedel or Keeper of the Faith.

Lucas Carton, the Paris restaurant that for a century has been one of the holiest of holies of haute cuisine, is a name for badly cooked meat.

Louis cast down the burden of his sins, reposed the oriflamme which the Pope had taken from Saint Dems, and laid his offering upon the holiest altar in the world.

The pietists, who had in vain endeavored to retain the power and influence which they had enjoyed under Frederick William, whom they now declared to have been the holiest and wisest of kings, had become the bitterest enemies of Frederick the Great.

The result was, first, to make me as ruttish as an old goat and then holier than all the angels.

To make a Sunlet one takes a slice of white bread, tears a round hole in the middle, drops the holey bread into a panful of hot bacon drippings, breaks an egg so that the yolk fits into the holeand then fries up the whole mucky mess.

Dustin doubted whether even the evidence of his holey leg could get through to James or Merrie or Valterzar.

It would have been simple to collect the defective trusses and holey shingles, and then show a jury the right way to put on a roof.