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vb. (en-past of: hole)

Usage examples of "holed".

There were no bedclothes, apart from a coverless pillow and a holed eiderdown on the bed.

All went well amid the furious cannonade till the monitor Tecumseh, taking the wrong side of the channel buoy in her anxiety to ram the Tennessee, ran over the torpedoes, was horribly holed by the explosion, and plunged headforemost to the bottom, her screw madly whirling in the air.

I make sure that the boat piggin is not holed, that three gallons of drinking water in a canvas bag are on board for the men, and that the two boat knives which are attached to marlin line are stowed.

Tran Quock Cong and his family will be safer than if they were holed up in Fort Knox.

He fell in a heap beside Roids, his accusing, dull eyes staring through the holed face plate.

Lady Sabella and Duke Conrad have set a siege around Kassel, and we must siege them in our turn and hope to coordinate our attack with those holed up inside the town.

Half a dozen police cars were in the outside, and uniformed cops were the sidewalks, walkie-talkies in their stopping people and asking them He had never seen so many cops in except that time when he was still living in Harlem, and a spic was holed an apartment in Spanish Harlem, between Park and Madison.

Sulfin Evend snapped, surly as he discovered his spoiled boots, holed through by hot ash and cinders.

Well, the city the Protector was holed up in was breached, the walls sundered, slaughter in the streets, the madness of battle gripped us all.

Odysseus is now incognito, holed up with his faithful swineherd at his outlying farm with its pigsties.

He holed himself in there reading X-men, mourning his mother, who had zombied out in that insular but deathlike grip accorded zombies.

I wish you were holed up in a midlife crisis apartment dating a woman half your age.

Monoxylon after monoxylon was holed or capsized by the Videssian fleet.

Sir Giorgio Predone had his own ship, the galleass Spaventoso, rowed over closer to the obviously sinking galley that he had holed.

He worried that they only had the house in which Martin Donohue was holed up under scrutiny, rather than the young seminarian well in hand.