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Usage examples of "hoka".

Earthmen had been met with eager admiration by the Hoka tribe near whose village they landed.

Then I know, from Earth history, what to do, There must be several thousand Hoka males around, and they all have some kind of firearms.

And he reflected that he had caused a stampede, lost an entire herd of cattle, sacrificed all Hoka faith in the Terrestrial race for all time to come.

With human assistance, the Hoka race could soon force a permanent peace settlement on their ancient foes.

Alex, at his left, sweating under the mask, realized that the Hoka hell-brew was taking effect on them.

He took it into the bathroom and balanced it precariously on the medicine chest, out of the short Hoka reach.

One hand seized a bottle of the murderous Hoka liquor and emptied it on the floor.

For a moment the solemnity of the small Hoka was so convincing that he found himself wondering if the four years of astrogation courses he had taken had not perhaps been negligent in not mentioning this phenomenon.

They trailed undecidedly after the Hoka ship, their computers clicking madly.

While the Hoka at the switchboard in far-off Mixumaxu routed his beam, he licked dry lips and ran a shaky finger under his collar.

When a Hoka starts out to imitate something, there are no half measures about it.

As he and Geoffrey climbed out, a Hoka bobby complete with blue uniform and bulging helmet saluted them with great deference.

A small Hoka in a wing-collared suit and ridiculously large horn-rimmed spectacles got up from behind the desk.

Conan Doyle, and he could see where the romantic Hoka nature would have gone wild over Sherlock Holmes.

It was full of a noisy crowd of Hoka farmers and tradesmen, some talking in dieir squeaky voices, some playing darts, some clustering around the two humans.