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Hohmann (crater)

Hohmann is a lunar crater that lies within the central basin of the Mare Orientale formation, on the farside of the Moon. It is located to the south of the crater Maunder, and to the west of Kopff crater. Due to its proximity to the western lunar limb, this area of the surface is occasionally visible during favorable librations. However the basin is viewed from the side, restricting the amount of detail that can be observed from Earth.

The rim of this crater is circular and only marginally worn, with a pair of tiny impacts overlaying the southern edge. An outer rampart slopes down to the surrounding surface, and the interior wall slopes down more sharply to the crater floor. There is a terrace along the southeastern interior wall. Portions of the surroundings show evidence of ejecta deposits from Maunder to the north (as shown by a number of secondary impacts). Some of this ejecta may have been deposited within the interior of Hohmann.

Hohmann (surname)

Hohmann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur C. Hohmann (1895–1985), served as Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police
  • Karl Hohmann (1908–1974), German footballer
  • Martin Hohmann (born 1948), German lawyer and politician
  • Peter Hohmann, Edler of Hohenthal (1663–1732), German merchant
  • Ruth Hohmann (born 1931), German jazz singer
  • Thorsten Hohmann (born 1979), German professional pool player
  • Ulf Hohmann (born 1963), German ethologist
  • Walter Hohmann (1880–1945), German engineer

Hohmann may refer to:

  • Hohmann (surname) (article includes list of persons named Hohmann)
  • Hohmann transfer orbit, in orbital mechanics
  • Hohmann (crater), a lunar crater
  • 9661 Hohmann (1996 FU13), an asteroid