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prep. (eye dialect of off English)


Hoff may refer to:

  • Hoff (surname)
  • Hoff, Cumbria, place in Northern England
  • Hoff, California, former town in Merced County
  • Hoff Township, Minnesota
  • Hoff (station), light rail station on the Oslo Tramway
  • Hoff Church, an 11th-century Norwegian church
  • HOFF Norske Potetindustrier, a Norwegian manufacturer of potato products
  • Hoff Productions, an American television production company
Hoff (station)

Hoff is a light rail station on the Oslo Tramway.

Located at Hoff in Ullern borough, it was opened by Kristiania Elektriske Sporvei together with the rest of the Lilleaker Line, as an extension of the Skøyen Line in 1919. It is served by line 13.

Hoff (surname)

Hoff is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Benjamin Hoff, American author whose works are influenced by Taoism
  • Bobby Hoff, American professional poker player
  • Chet Hoff, American baseball pitcher
  • Christian Hoff, American actor
  • Ebbe Hoff, American doctor who researched into neurology, substance abuse and diving medicine
  • Elke Hoff, (born 1957), German politician (FDP)
  • Gustav A. Hoff (1852–1930), American politician
  • William Cooper (novelist) or Harry Hoff, English novelist
  • Katie Hoff, American swimmer
  • Marcian Hoff, American co-inventor of the microprocessor and Intel executive
  • Philip H. Hoff, American lawyer and Governor of Vermont
  • Rayner Hoff, Australian sculptor
  • Ron van der Hoff, Dutch Olympic archer
  • Syd Hoff, American children's author and cartoonist
  • Thomas Hoff, 2006 Olympic volleyball gold medalist

Usage examples of "hoff".

And after a couple of minutes Officer Hoff got out of it and came back.

Officer Hoff get back into the squad car and watched the squad car drive off.

Just the same he was relieved when Hoff caught his eye and waved a hand casually, then stopped at the bar with his partner.

Officer Hoff radioed in earlier that you want to confess to two murders.

He shook his head to clear it a little and saw that Hoff was sitting beside him in the back seat, the partner was driving.

The horse gun had been posted near his own place in the line, where he could transmit his orders to its officer, Captain Hoff, without dispatching a messenger.

He tipped his hat to Captain Hoff and eyed the positions of the crew as if he was making sure their wigs were properly powdered.

He had posted himself beside the gun because he had thought his presence would help Captain Hoff steady his men.

On his right, Captain Hoff was once again directing the elevation of the gun.

Herman Hoff, a wholesaler, watches and such, gave this very man Stocker money to invest and then it was gone, poof, just like the wind.

For what he did to Herman Hoff, not to mention Benny, he deserves to be found.

Jon Hoff went down to the telescope and centered Planet V and clamped over the radar controls that would hold it centered.

Jon Hoff crawled out part way from beneath the bed, then straightened on his arms, using his back to lift the bed so his wife could crawl out, too.

And this, Jon Hoff told himself, might be emergencywhen the silence had been broken by the Mutter and the floor became a wall and the wall a floor.

Mary Hoff rescued the Holy Picture from the debris on the floor and Jon stood one of the chairs against the wall and hung it upon the wall-that-once-had-been-the-floor and wondered how it happened that each of the Holy Pictures was a little different from all the others.