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Hoey is an Irish surname. Spelling variations include: O'Hoey, Haughey, McCaughey and McKeogh, among others. Modern spelling comes from the original Ó hEochaidh.

The Hoeys are descendants of the ancient Dál Fiatach dynasty, rulers of the Ulaid. They trace their descent from Fiatach Finn mac Dáire, a King of Ulster and High King of Ireland in the 1st Century AD.

Usage examples of "hoey".

Although Minogue had all he needed from the earlier session twenty minutes ago when Hoey and he had done the interview, the Inspector decided that he might as well get as much as he could from Nolan before Legal Aid showed up.

He partnered Seamus Hoey, a Garda fifteen years his junior from Galway.

Talk straight to him when he got back to Dublin, before Jimmy Kilmartin came to the boil about it and jumped on Hoey first.

Dawson Street, and he and Hoey legged it smartly across to Bewleys in Grafton Street.

Minogue followed him, noting the head and shoulders down on Hoey as he threaded through to the doors.

He watched Hoey watching a couple as they marched by arm in arm and kicking at the leaves.

He thought of Hoey at his desk, tired, smoking while he did the work he was best at, organising evidence.

Minogue worked well with him, believing that, like himself, Hoey could let his thoughts become still when he needed to.

Methodical and routine but acutely sensitive to nuances at a scene, Hoey instinctively absorbed details.

He recalled that Hoey had swallowed a pill as they had got into the car.

Should he have woken Hoey up and at least asked him what foods he liked?

He leaned down and looked in to find Hoey smoking a cigarette, the glow stronger in the gloom as he drew on it.

After a long bath, Hoey was half-heartedly watching a documentary on grizzly bears in Canada.

He joined Hoey in watching a tranquillised grizzly being lifted into a wooden crate and then airlifted, dangling in a net under a helicopter.

God, thought Minogue, Hoey probably looks like a suspect they were bringing to a lock-up.