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Hoelscher is an English language surname derivative, primarily used in the United States. Its origins are from the North German "Hölscher", the occupational name for a maker of clogs (wooden shoes), which in turn comes from the Middle Low German"holsche" (prefix holt- meaning "wood"; suffix -scho meaning "shoe"; with the agent noun suffix "-er"). People with the name Hoelscher or its variants include:

  • David Hoelscher (born 1975), American football defensive tackle
  • Ulf Hoelscher (born 1943), German violinist
  • Gustave Hoelscher (born 1925), Retired American Pharmacist
  • Dr. Joseph Hoelscher (born 1942), Clinical Psychologist
  • John Hoelscher (born 1996), Playboy

The name is strongly associated with Westphalia in Germany, although it is also associated with the Netherlands. Bearers of the name almost universally descend from individuals originally from the Paderborn region of Westphalia or the Netherlands. In Texas, "Hoelscher" is the surname of the largest family in that state, whose ancestors emigrated from the town of Olfen, Westphalia in the 1840s. Individuals of the family founded the towns of Olfen in Runnels County, Westphalia in Falls County, and Violet in Nueces County, Texas.