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King Hoel (,  "Hoel the Great"; ), also known as Sir Howel and Saint Hywel, was a late 5th- and early 6th-century member of the ruling dynasty of Cornouaille. He may have ruled Cornouaille jointly after the restoration of his father Budic II, but he seems to have predeceased his father and left his young son Tewdwr as Budic's heir.

Hywel appears in Welsh legend and Arthurian legend as a " king of Brittany". A relative of Arthur, he was one of his most loyal allies (or, sometimes, knights) and was said to have helped him conquer " Gaul" (northern France).

Hoel (disambiguation)

Hoel is a king of Brittany in the Arthurian legend.

Hoel may also refer to:

  • Hoel I, Duke of Brittany (reigned 960–981)
  • Hoel II, Duke of Brittany (died 1084)
  • Hoel, Count of Nantes (died 1156)
  • J.C. Hoel (1904 – 1989), co-founder of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Pearl Hoel (1905 – 2005), co-founder of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • , the name of two U.S. Navy ships

  • Hoel Mountains, a mountain group in Antarctica