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Hoek is the name of several villages in the Netherlands:

  • Hoek van Holland, near Rotterdam
  • Hoek, Zeeland, near Terneuzen
  • Hoek, Gelderland

Usage examples of "hoek".

Dutchman, van Hoek, did not wish to leave until he was good and finished.

Van Hoek cursed almost without letup, and Jack reflected that, for an officer, nothing could be more humiliating than to face backwards, and never see where you were headed.

The rhythm of the waves, heaving themselves sluggishly against the beach at the foot of the town, underwent some sort of subtle change, or so van Hoek claimed.

Twice van Hoek insisted that they pause in midstream, backing water with the oars, while he threw a sounding-lead overboard to check the depth.

Jeronimo and van Hoek went off towards a smoky and riotous quarter near the waterfront while Jack and Moseh went to reconnoiter in a finer neighborhood up the hill.

Moseh and van Hoek and the others were more in the mold of John Churchill.

Van Hoek had rowed as a slave for years because he refused to turn Turk.

Van Hoek lay flat on the oar-deck, poked his spyglass out through an oar-lock, and gazed upon the brig with the dumbfounded intensity of a stalking cat.

But the current of the Nile would tend to push them away from the land, and according to the weather-glass that van Hoek had improvised from a glass tube and a flask of quicksilver, the skies would be clear for at least another day.

Van Hoek thrust his weapon back into its scabbard, then went out and retrieved the severed digit and held it up in the fire-light.

Foot, Dappa, Monsieur Arlanc, Padraig Tallow, Vrej Esphahnian, Surendranath, and Gabriel Goto, with van Hoek as their captain and Moseh as their designated Prophet.

Van Hoek, as you say, was steering a course for open water in the middle of the Gulf, probably with the intention of fighting it out to the end.

Foot, van Hoek, and Vrej waded, bobbed, and dog-paddled across those endless shallows for a day or two.

Otto van Hoek, squinting west across the fiery silver horizon of the Gulf of Cambaye.

Van Hoek had been busy unwinding a long, stinking strip of linen from his left hand, but the pain of forcing out these words through his roasted voice-box forced him to stop for a few moments and prosecute a fit of coughing and nose-wiping.