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Høgsfjorden is a fjord in Rogaland county, Norway. The innermost part of the fjord is located at the village of Frafjord in the municipality of Gjesdal. It flows west to Dirdal and then heads northwards. At the village of Forsand, the Lysefjord branches off to the northeast. The Høgsfjorden continues to the northwest past the islands of Idsal and Idse before emptying into the Horgefjorden (just east of the city of Stavanger) and ultimately into the vast Boknafjorden. The fjord runs through the municipalities of Gjesdal, Forsand, Sandnes, and Strand.

The long fjord is about wide and has a maximum depth of . The innermost part of the fjord from Dirdal to Frafjord is also known as the Frafjorden. There is a regular ferry crossing about mid-way through the fjord connecting Forsand and Høle.