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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hocus \Ho"cus\, n.

  1. One who cheats or deceives.

  2. Drugged liquor.


Hocus \Ho"cus\, v. t. [See Hocus-pocus.]

  1. To deceive or cheat.

  2. To adulterate; to drug; as, liquor is said to be hocused for the purpose of stupefying the drinker.

  3. To stupefy with drugged liquor.


n. 1 One who cheats or deceives. 2 drugged liquor vb. 1 To play a trick on; hoax; cheat. 2 To stupefy with drugged liquor.


Usage examples of "hocus".

Between him and the Austro-Russian force, As second movement in the faceabout From Boulogne shore, with which he has hocussed us?

I think of Hocus Pocus, when Eugene Debs Hartke is fired from his job as a teacher because the right wing gets after him.

The magician covered her figure with a light cloth so that only the form showed, and then, without the usual hocus pocus gestures commonly employed in the levitation trick, she began to rise until she was suspended three feet above the bench.

I was going to speak of the other classification: the various means of hocussing doors and windows so that they can be locked on the inside.

Of the lost state of the dead, from the lurid Mangaian legend, in which infernal deities hocus and destroy the souls of all, to the various submarine and aerial limbos where the dead feast, float idle, or resume the occupations of their life on earth, it would be wearisome to tell.