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Hoche (Paris Métro)

Hoche is a station of the Paris Métro, serving Line 5.

The name refers to the rue Hoche, named for the 18th-century general Lazare Hoche.

Hoche (disambiguation)

Hoche may refer to:

  • Lazare Hoche (1768 - 1797), French general
  • Lycée Hoche, a secondary school in Versailles, France
  • The Hoche, a French battleship
  • Hoche, a Paris Métro station
  • Alfred Hoche (1865–1943), German psychiatrist

Usage examples of "hoche".

Director Barras, who is known to be greedy, was after the million francs General Hoche embezzle.

He stopped two days at Mantua, and the morrow of his arrival was devoted to the celebration of a military funeral solemnity, in honour of General Hoche, who had just died.

It will put such a panic into Messieurs the Sansculottes that within ten days Hoche will have received every musket and every sabre they can muster.

Before the close of the year the Directoire pushed a step further, and Hoche made an attempt, frustrated by bad weather, to disembark in Ireland, which was ready to revolt against England.

He knew that Dimitrios was alive and that he was a director of the Eurasian Credit Trust, that he knew of a French Countess who had had a house off the Avenue Hoche and that he or she had had an Hispano Suiza car, that both of them had been in St.