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n. (plural of hob English)

Usage examples of "hobs".

That shape-changing was part of the magic I told you they took away from us hobs when they drove us out of the Kingdom of Devils and Demons.

But thrown into the world, magicless, defenseless, hobs learned new magics of their own.

Even familiar as Jim was with the fact that hobs were featherweights, he was a little startled to see the small Natural had the strength to carry someone his own size and kind in this way, which must put all the burden on his arms and shoulders.

But you are also right that if the goblins were warrantable prey and the hobs not, I would know the differences very quickly.

Hob behind him, and he suddenly realized that both hobs were also inside the privacy ward, having apparently closely followed him across the room.

He told them he was an ambassador from all hobs, who were now armed like himself, and we humans.

Show me your hobs ready to fight, your commoners also ready, your knights agreeing to pitch in.

But I can send a message on the smoke just as well, to all hobs I know, telling them to pass it on to other hobs they know.

But even if hobs are in such manner willing to fight the goblins, they are not fighters by nature.

Some hobs have gone off to get more opium and pipes for all the plague victims.

I suppose a couple of hobs could carry a man in armor and fully armed on the smoke.

And you know, as I told you, Jim, some hobs are off trying to get opium and pipes for all those suffering so much.

But some hobs live with families whose grandfathers or even farther back had gone on Crusade, and picked up using opium that way.

But as I was intending to say, since it seems dragons can carry the weight of an armed man, and two hobs do the same, surely one dragon could carry me and some hobs swiftly to archers I know of at various distances, who might wish to be part of our battle since they might have lost comrades to the plague fostered by these goblins while serving in the English east.

One or even two hobs could carry each archer back here while the dragon and I went on.