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HoBoLeMa is an improvisational instrumental supergroup consisting of Allan Holdsworth, Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto. The group toured Japan in November 2008, the West Coast of the United States in January 2009 and Europe in April and May 2010. The name "HoBoLeMa" comes from combining the first two letters of each of their last names.

HoBoLeMa performs shows without any written music, improvising multiple live sets with breaks in between. While most of the drums are improvised and acoustic in nature, Mastelotto uses some electronic drums and audio samples. Bozzio performs on a large drum kit with several gongs. Levin plays the unconventional Chapman Stick and an NS electric upright bass, while Holdsworth improvises jazz guitar solos and droning chords over the top.

In January 2009, GuitarPlayer Magazine interviewed all four members of the group about the process of improvisation, and recorded three excerpts from a show in Oakland, California, and posted them online.