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vb. To operate on the larynx of a horse in order to improve its breathing


Hobday is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Charles Hobday, English viola player
  • Claude Hobday, English double bass player
  • Ethel Hobday, Irish pianist
  • Sir Gordon Hobday, scientist and businessman
  • Peter Hobday (footballer), English footballer
  • Peter Hobday (presenter), BBC presenter
  • Simon Hobday, South African golfer
  • William Armfield Hobday, British portrait painter

Usage examples of "hobday".

Cassie turned, just in time to see Mister Hobday doing a fast runner that took him into Walworth Road.

Large and unwieldy Misses Hobday, a smile on her face, was on her step.

Misses Hobday, and now and again, like, a bit of this and that falls orf a goods waggon.

A change from the hot and dusty camp was agreeable to all who could be spared, and quite a party was formed, among whom were some whose names have occurred previously in these pages--Major Beatson, Major Hobday, and Lord Fincastle.

Fire Brigade vehicles, one of them of the new horseless type, pallidly mitigated the fog, and I saw that the man who had called to me was Hobday, the hall porter of the house.

Misses Hobday was a neighbour, a buxom body with a heart as large as her bosom.

Also to my mom, Jean Hobday, for the same unflagging support and for reading under a tight deadline.

Susann Brailey, Jean Hobday, Cassie Goddard, Linda Hayes, Jill Shalvis, Wendy Chen, Jean Brashear, Carmen Ardura, and Leanne Banks.

Boots and his brothers thanked the Hobdays, as well as Cassie and Freddy, for their invaluable help then departed homewards.

At the last moment Hobday heard him coming, and he dropped Storm's slim abused body and turned with unbelievable speed, dropping into the crouch of a heavyweight prize fighter, solid and low behind lifted arms and hunched shoulders, thick and rubbery with muscle.

Hobday had missed with his first three shots, but the range had been two hundred or more and it was up-hill shooting, with intervening bush and tree and shrub, snap shooting at a running, jinking target, worse than jumpshooting for kudu in thick cat bush, a slim swift human shape.