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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hobble \Hob"ble\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hobbled; p. pr. & vb. n. Hobbling.] [OE. hobelen, hoblen, freq. of hoppen to hop; akin to D. hobbelen, hoblen, hoppeln. See Hop to jump, and cf. Hopple ]

  1. To walk lame, bearing chiefly on one leg; to walk with a hitch or hop, or with crutches.

    The friar was hobbling the same way too.

  2. To move roughly or irregularly; -- said of style in writing.

    The hobbling versification, the mean diction.


vb. (en-past of: hobble)

Usage examples of "hobbled".

She hobbled to collect her shawl, and wrapped it over her head and shoulders, as old women did.

She let herself out of the house, carefully hiding the key in the usual place, and hobbled away down the street, surprised at how calm she still felt.

She hobbled off to the lefthand corner of the castle, that being both nearest and slightly downhill.

She turned that corner and hobbled eagerly toward the second big black door in the middle of that side of the castle.

Instead, she hobbled up and fetched the blue-and-silver suit, which she spent the rest of the day cutting little blue triangles out of in order to make a patchwork sort of skirt.

When Sophie hobbled over, Michael was standing watching the last light fade out of a little round lump under the dark water.

Sophie poured yellow powder into a square of paper as she had seen Michael do, twisted it smartly, and hobbled to the door with it.

The King gave her a friendly smile as she hobbled away to the double doors.

Sophie was handed to another attendant, then another, just as before, and eventually hobbled her way down to the stairs guarded by the soldiers.

Up she hobbled, past the sweating soldiers, all the way to the Palace entrance again, hating the Witch more with every step.

Sophie hobbled to put the blue-and-silver suit on the old chest by the window, trying to tell herself that the suit had got no larger since she picked it up.

Sophie hobbled after Howl indoors again and up the stairs to the broom cupboard, she realized she was being very gruff.

She hobbled them, dripping, to the shop, where she rammed them into a bucket of nutrition spell.

The frail old woman might have hobbled into the dining room on her fancy stick, but Frederica was not fooled.

She was still more surprised when, as soon as they were alone, he hobbled to the rustic seat and sat down beside her.