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n. (plural of hobbit English)

Usage examples of "hobbits".

The quote suggests that the hobbits have never even worn a blade before.

But when the time comes for the hobbits to fight, they do so, apparently instinctively.

There were thousands of them, and they squeaked all round, neek-breek, breek-neek, unceasingly all the night, until the hobbits were nearly frantic.

I think it is largely the breach between this comfonless world, with its gigantic and largely dehumanised reconstruction, and the natural and ancestral tastes of the Dutch, that has (as it seems) made them, in R[otterdam] especially, almost intoxicated with hobbits !

Sixty years had passed since he set out on his memorable journey, and he was old even for Hobbits, who reached a hundred as often as not.

Why, for instance, hadn't the 'lay volunteer' the aliens wanted turned out to be a Bircher, a Black Muslim, a Communist or a Rotarian - in short, some kind of fanatic who purported to deal with the real world - instead of a young man who was fanatic only about imaginary creatures called hobbits?

It was a harmless enough tale for most of the local hobbits, no doubt: just a funny story about those funny people away beyond the River.

At once the western Hobbits fell in love with their new land, and they remained there, and soon passed once more out of the history of Men and of Elves.

The hobbits led their ponies up, winding round and round until they reached the top.

But through Hobbits, not Men so-called, because the last Tale is to exemplify most clearly a recurrent theme: the place in 'world polities' of the unforeseen and unforeseeable acts of will, and deeds of virtue of the apparently small, ungreat, forgotten in the places of the Wise and Great (good as well as evil).