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Once, even, he braved destruction by creeping furtively into the entrance of a hoam consecrated to a god with a harsh-sounding foreign name, Mcmxl, but from there Meg begged him to withdraw, lest He somehow divine their presence.

They had broken fast at the hoam of the Mother, and had eaten a midday meal here in the depths of Be-Empty.

He has no hoam, for He is everywhere, waiting to claim those who violate His barriers.

In those garrulous, vivacious, whimsical, and sometimes serious papers, Lien Chi Altangi, writing to Fum Hoam in Pekin, does not so much describe the aspects of European civilisation which would naturally surprise a Chinese, as he expresses the dissatisfaction of a European with certain phases of the civilisation visible everywhere around him.

See, even the hoams are bleached skeletons from which He has stripped the flesh.

Ancient Ones have built hoams that, probing the sky, still were roofless, and had in many places had their fa9ades stripped away so that beneath the exterior showed little square cubicles, like rooms?

From place to place I can show you ancient hoams, with doors and many windows and seats.

These hoams were tied together with rods of god-metal, and whensoever the Ancient Ones would move, they had but to push their hoams along the parallels to a new location!