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Hjort, also spelled Hiort and Hiorth, is the name of some Norwegian families and persons. The name means hart.

Hjort (law firm)

Hjort (legally Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA, originally Harald Nørregaard, later Nørregaard & Bonnevie and Nørregaard & Hjort) is one of the leading law firms in Norway, headquartered in Oslo. It was founded in 1893 by Harald Nørregaard (1864–1938), a supreme court advocate who was also chairman of the Norwegian Bar Association and Edvard Munch's close friend, adviser and lawyer.

In his lifetime, Nørregaard was one of Norway's preeminent lawyers. He was "known for his eloquence in court. It was said of him that he dominated the courtroom with his very presence, and his warm voice settled around the High Court as velvet." For some years, the firm was a partnership consisting of Nørregaard and Thomas Bonnevie, who became a supreme court justice in 1922. In 1932 the young lawyer Johan Bernhard Hjort joined Nørregaard's law firm, and after WWII the firm was continued by Hjort and renamed Advokatfirmaet Hjort.

As of 2013, the firm has 130 employees, and is owned by 36 partners.