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init. hand job


HJ may refer to:

Mathematics and science
  • HJ, Hall–Janko group, a mathematical group
  • HJ, Heterojunction, the interface between two layers of dissimilar crystalline semiconductors
  • HJ, Hilal-i-Jurat, the second highest military award of Pakistan
  • HJ, Hitler-Jugend, the German name for the Hitler Youth
  • HJ, a Latin abbreviation for hic jacet ('Here lies'), commonly used on gravestones. See List of Latin phrases (H)
  • Hj. ( Hajji), an Islamic honorific
  • 'The HJ', Halliwell Jones Stadium, a stadium in Warrington, England
  • HJ, U.S. code word for a cryptographic key change (see Cryptoperiod)
  • The IATA airline designator for Tasman Cargo Airlines
  • Abbreviation and slang for handjob
  • Holden HJ, An Australian full sized car produced between 1974 & 1976
  • , a two-letter combination used in some languages
    • hj-reduction, a process affecting the pronunciation of English words like human in some dialects