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Born on a farm outside Nagasaki in the province of Hizen on the South Island, and when she was five, she was invited into the Floating World by one of the many women intermediaries who travelled the country seeking children who could become possible geisha, art persons, those who would be trained, like Koiko, in the arts and not purely as an netsujo-jin, a person for passion.

In consequence of this dream he went to the province of Hizen, and landed on the sea-shore at Hirato, where, in the midst of a blaze of light, the image which he had carved appeared to him twice, riding on the back of a cuttlefish.

Prince of Hizen was bewitched and cursed by a cat that had been kept by one of his retainers.

The family of the Prince of Hizen, one of the eighteen chief Daimios of Japan.

So the cat fled to the mountains, and did much mischief among the surrounding people, until at last the Prince of Hizen ordered a great hunt, and the beast was killed.

Assured of this he harboured with the malcontents of Higo and Hizen, to take his part and perish some years later in the Amakusa uprising.

The dissatisfaction that this created among the samurai of Tosa and Hizen was transformed into a national issue in the Korean invasion crisis of 1873.