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I trust I may live to see the day when Hitlerism has been destroyed and a liberated Europe has been re-established.

As I see it, the Russians are starting to break the backbone of Hitlerism, but at terrible cost.

Abyssinia had raised grave issues, he had ranged himself with Great Britain in opposition to Hitlerism and German ambitions.

On the contrary, their intention to prosecute the war against Germany by every means in their power until Hitlerism is finally broken and the world relieved from the curse which a wicked man has brought upon it has been strengthened to such a point that they would rather all perish in the common ruin than fail or falter in their duty.

We welcome especially the outline of your plans for giving us the aid without which Hitlerism cannot be extirpated from Europe and Asia.

The war business today seems to be going very well from our point of view and we may hope now for the collapse of Hitlerism at an earlier date than had heretofore been anticipated.

This just war of liberation both Governments are determined to carry on with all their power and energy until the complete destruction of Hitlerism and any similar tyranny has been achieved.

At this moment above all others our thoughts must be concentrated upon the supreme aim, namely, the destruction of Hitler, Hitlerism, and Nazi Germany.

American power elite in the rise of Hitler should also be viewed in conjunction with a little-known aspect of Hitlerism only now being explored: the mystical origins of Naziism, and its relations with the Thule Society and with other conspiratorial groups.