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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hithe \Hithe\ (h[imac][th]), n. [AS. h[=y][eth]. Cf. Hide to conceal.] A port or small haven; -- used in composition; as, Lambhithe, now Lambeth.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"landing place" (archaic, but still found in place names), from Old English hyð "landing place," especially one on a river or creek, cognate with Old Saxon huth.


n. (context obsolete English) a landing-place in a river; a harbour or small port


Hithe is a settlement in Kenya's Central Province.

Usage examples of "hithe".

Sak hithe continued, as she smoothed an aromatic paste over the cut on his cheek.

All the while they exclaimed over his bravery, saying how Sak hithe had explained everything, and those awful men would never have attacked him if he hadn't stepped in and res cued her, and how if it had been Biertha (whom no one liked), she'd have only gotten what she deserved, but Sak hithe never sought attention, so she didn't, and he was a fine fellow to have championed her.

Sak hithe had said that Zeiin was not only the local wrestling champion, but a warrior from beyond the Khoramali.