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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hist \Hist\, interj. [Cf. Dan. hys. ?. Cf. Hush, Whist.] Hush; be silent; -- a signal for silence.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

exclamation commanding silence, attested from 1610s; probably so chosen because the sound is both easy to hear and suddenly silent.


Etymology 1 interj. 1 (context dated English) (non-gloss definition: An utterance used to discreetly attract someone's attention.) 2 (context dated English) (non-gloss definition: An injunction to be silent and/or to pay attention to what is being said or can be heard.) n. (context dated English) An instance of an exclamation attracting attention or injunction to be silent. Etymology 2

abbr. history. Etymology 3

vb. (context US English) (eye dialect hoist English)


Hist may refer to:

  • History
  • College Historical Society
  • Sør-Trøndelag University College (Norwegian: )

Usage examples of "hist".

The crown of the tree had broken off sometime in the previous century, and the mossy stout cylinder of it lay remnant on the ground nearby, slowly melting into the dirt, so soft with rot that you could have kicked it apart like an old dung pile and watched the hister beetles scuttle away.

It took a cross look and an ominous hist from Effluvia to capture his attention.

Study of the Life of Hadrian Prior to his Accession, Smith Coll. Stud, in Hist.

And when these few simple preperations had been made, they jest histed up their tent and laid it acrost a camel, and moved on a mild or two, walkin' afoot.

  Diversae qualitate locorum ad unam convenere perniciem: quoniam et quae segniori inundatio tenuit madefacta dissolvit, et quae cursus torrentis invenit impulsa dejecit, (Orosius, Hist.

Peter, the Paulicians are justified by some of the most respectable of the ancients and moderns, (see Wetstein ad loc., Simon, Hist.

Behind them at each blinkcharge point, the radio waves radiated outward, carrying with them the light, bantering talk of young men trying to pass the long wait with an oft-heard joke, a semi-witty remark or simply boylike rememberings of how it was to ride in the hist herding contest.

According to the ecclesiastical critics, who hate Sebastian, the praise of Zosimus is disgrace, (Tillemont, Hist. des Empereurs, tom.

According to the Byzantine Historians they were a branch of the Ougres, (Thunmann, Hist. of the People to the East of Europe,) but they have more resemblance to the Turks.

Note: To the authors who have illustrated the obscure History of the Jewish and Abyssinian kingdoms in Homeritis may be added Schultens, Hist. Joctanidarum.

Testis omnium gentium, praeterquam Romanorum, absentia mulierum, quae sanctorum apostolorum limina orandi gratia timent visere, cum nonnullas ante dies paucos, hunc audierint conjugatas, viduas, virgines vi oppressisse, (Liutprand, Hist. l.

The Arabic writers, who have treated the subject with the zeal of patriotism or devotion: the extracts of Pocock (Specimen Hist. Arabum, p.

Barnabus, and which had been started as early as the time of Irenaeus, by some Ebionite heretics, (Beausobre, Hist. du Manicheisme, tom.

The edifices of Baalbec were constructed by the fairies or the genii, Hist. de Timour Bec, tom.

Cardonne, Hist. de l'Afrique et de l'Espagne, sous la Domination des Arabs, tom.