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Hish (Haganah corps)

Hish (, an abbreviation of Heil HaSadeh , lit. Field Corps) was a corps formed by the Haganah in the British Mandate of Palestine in 1939, following the disbandment of the smaller mobilized force known as the Fosh. It was the Haganah's main surface corps, alongside Him and the Palmach.


Hish (alternatively spelled Heish or Heesh) could refer to the following:

Usage examples of "hish".

The Free Magic that remained separate from the Charter is the Free Magic of necromancy, of Stilken, Margrue, and Hish, of Analem and Gorger, and all the other fell creatures, constructs, and familiars.

The aforementioned Lors Sernas of Hish and four of the greatest lords of the remaining northern kingdoms.