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Hisbah (business accountability)

The concept of hisba (حِسْبة [ḥisba], calculation; verification) is an Islamic practice not explicitly in the Qur'an or in the corpus of sahih hadith. In a book review, Mohammad Umar Memon explains that "the institution of the hisba has been generally understood as one seeking to ensure correct economic and commercial practices among the Muslim umma".


Hisbah ( ḥisbah) is an Islamic doctrine which means "accountability". Hisbah is the divinely-sanctioned duty of the ruler (government) to intervene and coercively " enjoining good and forbidding wrong" in order to keep everything in order according to sharia (Islamic law). The doctrine is based on an expression from the Quran . Some Salafists suggest that it is the sacred duty of all Muslims, not just rulers.