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Hiromi may refer to:

  • Hiromi Uehara, Japanese jazz pianist
  • Hiromi Oshima, Japanese erotic model
  • Hiromi (model), Japanese fashion model
  • Hiromi, Ehime, city in Shikoku, Japan
  • Hiromi (given name), unisex Japanese given name (including a list of persons with the name)
  • Meitetsu Hiromi Line, railway in Japan
  • "Hiromi" (song), 2007 single by Jun Shibata
Hiromi (song)

"Hiromi" is Jun Shibata's 14th single and first to break into the Top 5. It was released on January 11, 2007 and peaked at #5. A short film starring Shibata herself was also based on this song.

Hiromi (model)

, better known simply as Hiromi, is a Japanese fashion model, who has been active in the professional and commercial modeling fields since late 2000s. Formerly a popular model for the Egg magazine, she is known for her androgynous looks and is particularly known in the gal scene.

Hiromi (given name)

Hiromi is a Japanese given name that can be given to males or females. Notable people with the name include: