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Ahmouth a couple of times before and was familiar with Hiren, the Firekeeper, ruler of Ahmouth.

I heard Hiren muse aloud about whether the Gelaming would be interested in reopening trade with Ahmouth, should they take over Galhea.

Lying awake afterwards, while Leef and Cal greedily smoked cigarettes that Hiren had sold them, I found myself wondering if, on the road south, my father had sought company to relieve his spiritual and physical needs.

Romulan senate chamber, he exposed Praetor Hiren and the entire senior leadership to thalaron radiation.

She closed her eyes, trying to remove from her mind the concocted image of poor Hiren, writhing on the floor of the Senate, the deadly thalaron radiation practically obliterating his molecular structure.

Shinzon to eliminate Praetor Hiren and every important member of the Romulan Senate save herself.

FOOL (taking the plunge) Why, sirrah, why may a caudled fillhorse be deemed the brother to a hiren candle in the night?