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Hino may refer to :

Usage examples of "hino".

It would get him across the river ahead of the processions of Hino and Wakizaka.

Lord Hino sat cross-legged there, as though he were part of the clouds of cherry blossoms and peacocks painted on the gilt sliding panels of the wall behind him.

Fate had delivered the young woman here, and Lord Hino wondered what other improbable surprises it might be about to spring on him.

She had lost another day while Hino made arrangements with the captain of his guard and a few of his most trusted men.

Lord Hino had not yet discovered who had sent them, but he had apologized profusely to Cat.

Lord Hino thought it a sad state of affairs when they had little better to do than go after one lone woman.

Hanshiro, Kasane, and Shintaro and several guards behind her, Cat followed the bearers, hand-picked by Lord Hino, through the dark garden to a hidden door in the rear castle wall.

As they moved away, grunting in unison, their straw-clad heels flashing in the moonlight, Hino heaved a sigh of relief.

Road at Suzuka Pass, though, and no blame would fall on Hino if the mysterious nun and her companion were waylaid there.

Hanshiro was offended that Hino thought so little of his skill and that of Lady Asano.

W,insky loke id anlady, noiim dtin fus hino rehltot a l five stoens dnhy fto ,.

As I mentioned earlier, Sasuke was born in the village of Hino, in Omi.

Sawayama and Nagahama, overrun the province of Omi, and besieged Hino Castle.

When he heard this, Mitsuhide left the siege of Hino in other hands and returned to his headquarters at Sakamoto, arriving there on the tenth.

Nagamasa, Kawakami and his ancestors would have been Lords of Minato, a truly great domain, instead of Hino, great in name more than reality.