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Ojime crossed a narrow and rotting bridge into the Hinin, the area of the city that lay in the lowest section of the capital's terrain.

And with each clever detour he made, as he advanced further into the squalid and dangerous depths of the Hinin, he felt increasingly secure.

At length, he came upon a packed dirt-lane that even for the Hinin was putrid.

Even within the Hinin the name of the arch-collaborator with the forces of Chaos should not be used.

When Chiisai knocked on the thatch and willow door of the mean house at the end of the foul-smelling lane in Hinin, she was clad in the rags of a street urchin.

But she had persevered, shadowing him all the way to the Hinin bridge where she quickly slathered her clothes with mud and hurried after him.

Both in their own way were outcasts in a ryu of outcasts, for the legend of the ninja had it that they had evolved from the hinin, the basest level of Japanese society.