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n. (context derogatory slang English) A physically attractive man who lacks intelligence; the male equivalent of a bimbo.

Usage examples of "himbo".

After all, as a stage magician himself, Himbo knew the importance of distraction.

I believe that I can assure Himbo Petey that your crew is going to fully pay its way without anyone being relegated to roustabout or janitorial duty too frequently.

Pausert got the feeling this was something that Himbo Petey had been told many times before.

Mannicholo was telling the Clown Master that the captain and the Leewit and me are all cousins that Ethulassia talked Himbo Petey into hiring away from a big, important theater company on Rellart where we were all stars!

His instincts told him that Himbo Petey, Richard Cravan, and Dame Ethulassia were to be trusted in a matter of this sort.

Sedmons, like gun barrels on a single turret, swiveled back and forth from Himbo to Ethulassia.

The look she gave Himbo was a fond one, and her hand squeezed his shoulder.

Though, now that you bring it up, I notice that Himbo and Ethulassia disappeared right after the wedding.

Not the worm this time, but himbo, shaking his fist and screaming serious trash at me.