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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I take up points of view I don't actually support strongly and start defending them to the hilt.
▪ And so I divvied up the company into manageable pieces and told these executives to go play the game to the hilt.
▪ Any man worthy of the name must seize his opportunity when it came and exploit it to the hilt.
▪ Burun attempted to draw the blade, but there was some kind of locking device at the hilt.
▪ Environmental organisations have worked that one to the hilt.
▪ He also wore a typical bright blue cloak, and always carried a sword with a gilded hilt.
▪ Weighing four pounds, it has survived the centuries well, still bearing traces of gilding on the brass hilt.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hilt \Hilt\, n. [AS. hilt, hilte; akin to OHG. helza, Prov. G. hilze, Icel. hjalt.] 1. A handle; especially, the handle of a sword, dagger, or the like.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English hilt "hilt, handle of a sword or dagger," from Proto-Germanic *helt (cognates: Old Norse hjalt, Old High German helza "hilt," Old Saxon helta "oar handle"), perhaps from PIE *kel- (1) "to strike." Formerly also used in plural in same sense as singular.


n. 1 The handle of a sword, consisting of grip, guard, and pommel, designed to facilitate use of the blade and afford protection to the hand. 2 The base of the penis vb. (context transitive English) To provide with a hilt.


n. the handle of a sword or dagger


The hilt (rarely called the haft) of a sword is its handle, consisting of a guard, grip and pommel. The guard may contain a crossguard or quillons. A ricasso may also be present, but this is rarely the case. A tassel or sword knot may be attached to the guard or pommel.

Hilt (disambiguation)

Hilt may refer to one of the following.

  • Hilt, a detail of a sword.
  • Hilt (band), one of several side projects of the seminal Vancouver industrial band Skinny Puppy
  • Peter Hilt, a former New Zealand politician
Hilt (band)

Hilt was a collective group of Vancouver musicians, usually referred to as a side project of the group Skinny Puppy. The group comprised Alan Nelson, a seminal member of many local Vancouver rock and punk groups, on vocals, with cEvin Key and D.R. Goettel on instruments.

Usage examples of "hilt".

Then, closing his right hand around its hilt, he turned to salute each of the four airts, beginning with the east, where the altar lay.

Gorloic, and laying a hand to his hilt he rushed forward through the antechamber and into the gatehouse, his friends coming hard on his heels.

With both hands wrapped around the golden hilt, she swung her sword, biceps taut, stretched, her entire body behind the killing blow.

His work should have permanent value in the literature of war psychology, but he only undertakes to expose German lies, and in his 72-paged booklet he proves to the hilt the charges made in this work.

In his full regalia the Buzzard mounted the platform, and as he took the oath placed one hand on the flashing yellow cairngorm in the hilt of his dagger.

He felt the cool ceramite gauntlets encasing his fingers, and the hilt of the bolt pistol in his hand.

There was another with them, an old man Daile did not recognize, but by the scales of justice engraved on the hilt of his sword, she knew him to be a venerable paladin.

The sword hilts digging into her side, she brought the darter up and around, more by instinct than will, then sprayed the hall with darts.

In her own, she touched a broken sword with a defaced hilt emblem, a ring, and something warm, but bypassed them all for things more suited to their present need.

The Adar grabbed for it, closed his hand around the hilt, but the Dobro Designate stepped on his wrist, pressing down with nearly enough force to crack bone.

Professor Durand and tell him personally that I am willing to back his invention to the hilt.

From within the tops of his calf-length boots, the chef withdrew a pair of short, edgeless stilettos, five inches of blued blade and guardless bone hilts.

Disneyland, Jeanine Hilt had an acute asthma attack, went into respiratory failure, and suffered oxygen deprivation so severe that she lost all brain function: in other words, she developed hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, exactly the same fate that had befallen Lia.

He just stood there fingering the hilt of his sword and watching Fal Sivas questioningly, as though he awaited a signal.

I disarmed one of my opponents and the third went down with my blade buried to the hilt in his breast and three feet of it protruding from his back, and falling wrenched the sword from my grasp.