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Hillhead (, ) is a district of Glasgow, Scotland. Situated north of Kelvingrove Park and to the south of the River Kelvin, Hillhead is at the heart of Glasgow's fashionable West End, with Byres Road forming the western border of the area, the other boundaries being Dumbarton Road to the south and the River Kelvin to the east and north.

The land was the property of the Gibsons of Hillhead from 1702 until 1862. Plots for housing development were made available by the Gibson family from the 1820s onwards.

Hillhead was an independent Police Burgh from 1869, but as Glasgow grew during the nineteenth century it was first swallowed up physically by the growing city, and then administratively in 1891.

The University of Glasgow is located in the area, having moved from its original site on the High Street to its current Gilmorehill location in 1870. Consequently a great number of students live in the area. Many academics from the University live in the area along with BBC Scotland employees, actors, broadcasters, writers and many students from various universities and teaching hospitals, creating an economically and culturally diverse community.

Other features of Hillhead include Ashton Lane, Western Baths, Hillhead High School, Glasgow Academy (a private school), and the Kelvinbridge, which straddles the River Kelvin which used to form an eastern boundary between Hillhead and Glasgow, until Hillhead's incorporation into the city.

The area is served by Hillhead subway station and Kelvinbridge subway station on the Glasgow Subway system. The two stops on either side of those are Kelvinhall in Partick, and St George's Cross in Woodlands.

Byres Road is a commercially important district to the city of Glasgow, featuring many of the city's most fashionable and popular independent boutiqes.

Hillhead (ward)

Hillhead is one of the 21 wards of Glasgow City Council. There are 4 members for this area. Here are the ethnic groups for Hillhead in 2011. It had a population of 26,549.

71.6% White British

13.7% Asian

1.9% Black

Hillhead (disambiguation)

Hillhead is a district of Glasgow, Scotland.

Hillhead or Hill Head may also refer to:

  • Hillhead, Cornwall, a hamlet in England
  • Hillhead, South Dakota, a community in the United States
  • Hill Head, an estate in Hampshire, England