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n. (plural of hillfort English)

Usage examples of "hillforts".

He, like some others, had once again adopted the custom of the kings of old: ringing his lands with hillforts and moving through his realm with his retinue, holding court in one hillfort after another in circuit.

No one actually lived in the hillforts any more, had not for a long, long time.

By the morning of the third day, Kushan shock troops had taken the outlying hillforts in two solid days of savage hand-to-hand combat, using both their traditional swords and spears as well as the Roman grenades for which all Kushan soldiers had developed a great affection.

They’re only fighting the Illianers who come out — the other hillforts must be emptying, so many were coming when I left — but any time Sammael sees fifty of us together, Aiel or anybody, he rips them apart.

To gather rebellious young men—almost a thousand, by now—in the isolated hillforts which pocked the Great Country's badlands.