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Highmoor (family)
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Highmoor is a family name with historic links to the similar name of Highmore (although some favor the highmoor name as being more distinguished).

The name arrived in England along with William the Conqueror in the Norman invasion. Traditionally, Highmoors have been known to inhabit the English side of the England- Scotland border regions.

The Highmoor/Highmore family can be divided into seven groups of which five left or had subgroups leave England.

  1. Group One is the original group which lived in Cumberland, now Cumbria, England. This original group includes the Highmores who resided at Armathwaite Hall.
  2. Group Two is the Dorsetshire group, of whom there are fewer details.
  3. Group Three is the Newfoundland group, who migrated to Canada.
  4. Group Four is the Australian group, who migrated to Australia directly from Cumberland, England.
  5. Group Five is the Rochester Group, who migrated to the Rochester, New York area directly from Cumberland, England.
  6. Group Six is the Great Musgrave Group. This group moved south into Westmorland, Yorkshire and Norfolk with some eventually migrating to Canada.
  7. Group Seven is the Empress Group which emigrated from Cumberland to Western Canada. The groups also roughly correspond to time periods, although most if not all of these groups still have living descendants.

The earliest known Highmoor is Robertus de Hehmor (d. 1275) who is memorialised at St. Bega's Church on Bassenthwaite Lake, not far from the site of Armathwaite Hall.


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