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n. (context UK dialectal English) A highway.


Highgate ( or ) is a suburban area of north London at the north-eastern corner of Hampstead Heath, north north-west of Charing Cross.

Highgate is one of the most expensive London suburbs in which to live. It has an active conservation body, the Highgate Society, to protect its character.

Until late Victorian times it was a distinct village outside London, sitting astride the main road to the north. The area retains many green expanses including the eastern part of Hampstead Heath, three ancient woods, Waterlow Park and the eastern-facing slopes known as Highgate bowl.

At its centre is Highgate village, a collection of largely Georgian shops, pubs, restaurants and residential streets, interspersed with diverse landmarks such as St Michael's Church and steeple, St. Joseph's Church and its green copper dome, Highgate School (1565), Jacksons Lane arts centre housed in a Grade II listed former church, the Gatehouse Inn dating from 1670 and Berthold Lubetkin's 1930s Highpoint buildings. Highgate also contains the Victorian cemetery in which the Communist philosopher Karl Marx is buried, and many other notable people.

The village is at the top of North Hill which provides views across London: it is above sea level at its highest point.

The area is divided between three London boroughs: Haringey in the north, Camden in the south and west, and Islington in the south and east. The postal district is N6.

Highgate (disambiguation)

Highgate or High Gate may refer to:

in Australia
  • Highgate, South Australia, a suburb of Adelaide, Australia
  • Highgate, Western Australia, a suburb in Perth, Australia
  • Highgate Hill, Queensland, a suburb in Brisbane, Australia
in Jamaica
  • Highgate, Jamaica, a market town
in South Africa
  • Highgate Village, a village (section) of Dainfern, Johannesburg.
in the United Kingdom
  • Highgate, a village in north London
  • Highgate, Birmingham, an area to the south of Birmingham city centre, England
  • Highgate, Hawkhurst, Kent, England
  • Highgate, Walsall, situated 10 miles north of Birmingham, England
  • Highgate tube station, a London Underground station on the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line
  • Highgate, Goldthorpe, a local name for an area to the west of Goldthorpe near Barnsley, South Yorkshire
  • Highgate School, an independent school in Highgate, London, England
in the United States of America
  • High Gate, Missouri, USA
  • Highgate, Vermont, USA
  • Highgate Springs, Vermont, USA
  • High Gate, a historic house in West Virginia, USA
Highgate (Camden ward)

Highgate is a ward in the London Borough of Camden, in the United Kingdom. The ward has existed since the creation of the borough on 1 April 1965 and was first used in the 1964 elections. The ward was redrawn in May 1978 and May 2002.

Usage examples of "highgate".

If I meant to reach town (as we called it familiarly), I must descend to the valley at once, pass through Uxbridge streets as fast as I could, make a dash across the plain, by what I afterwards knew to be Hillingdon (I saw it then as a nameless village), and aim at a house-crowned hill which I only learned later was Harrow, but which I felt sure would enable me to descend upon London by Hampstead or Highgate.

It brought a rash of right-wing attacks on mosques in greater London, it brought a call for the demolition of the estate where Chant had lived, and it brought Dowd up to a certain tower in Highgate, where he was summoned in lieu of his absentee master, Estabrook's brother, Oscar Godolphin.

Gerard speaks of the 'yellow pimpernel growing in abundance between Highgate and Hampstead.