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higher \higher\ adj. prenom.

  1. advanced in complexity or elaboration; as, higher mathematics.

  2. of or pertaining to education beyond the secondary level; as, higher education; higher learning.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

comparative of high (adj.), Old English. Higher education is attested by 1839.\n\nThe French distinguish l'instruction secondaire, which includes what we term a liberal education, from l'instruction supérieure, which denotes professional education; but I do not think the corresponding English phrases are used with this distinction.

[William Whewell, "Of a Liberal Education in General," 1850]

\nHigher-up (n.) "one in a superior post" is from 1905, American English.

a. (en-comparative of: high) adv. (en-comparative of high POS=adverb) n. (cx Scotland education English) A national school-leaving examination and university entrance qualification.

  1. adj. advanced in complexity or elaboration; "high finance"; "higher mathematics" [syn: higher(a)]

  2. of education beyond the secondary level; "higher education"; "higher learning" [syn: higher(a)]

Higher (Scottish)
"Higher level" redirects here; not to be confused with Higher consciousness.

In the Scottish secondary education system, the Higher is one of the national school-leaving certificate exams and university entrance qualifications of the Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It superseded the old Higher Grade on the Scottish Certificate of Education (SCE). Both are normally referred to simply as "Highers". In addition the standard route of Highers and Advanced Highers, the proportion taking alternative qualifications in Scotland for entry into universities such as English GCE A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma is increasing.

The modern Higher is Level 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.


Higher may refer to:

Higher (Creed song)

"Higher" is a song by the American rock band Creed. It was released in August 1999 as the lead single from their second studio album, Human Clay. Vocalist Scott Stapp and long-time friend Steven Harang wrote the song about the power of lucid dreaming. "Higher" was Creed's major breakthrough hit which helped to place them firmly in the American mainstream music scene. It peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 on the issue dated July 22, 2000, and spent 57 weeks upon the survey, which is the longest stay for any Creed song on the Hot 100. Furthermore, it topped both the Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock tallies in the process, setting a then-record of 17 weeks for longest stay at the top of the Mainstream Rock chart. It also charted in the top five on the Adult Top 40 chart.

Higher (Ezio album)

Higher is the fifth album, and the fourth studio album, by Ezio, released in 2000.

Higher (Gloria Estefan song)

"Higher" is a song by Gloria Estefan, released as the fourth single from her seventh studio album Destiny.

Higher (Ala Boratyn album)

Higher is the first solo studio album from Polish pop music singer Ala Boratyn, released on 12 November 2007. Ala is an ex-member of Blog 27, a band popular in Europe and Japan. Three songs were made available to pre-listen on Polish web services.

Higher (Harem Scarem album)

Higher is a 2003 album by the Canadian hard rock band Harem Scarem.

Higher (Roch Voisine album)

Higher is a 2002 English language album by Canadian singer Roch Voisine.

Higher (Erik Grönwall song)

Higher is a Swedish English language single by Erik Grönwall, winner of the Swedish version of Idol in its sixth season in 2009. He sang the winning song when he was declared winner on December 11, 2009.

The single taken from his debut self-titled album Erik Grönwall went straight to #1 on the Swedish Single Charts on 18 December 2009 and stayed at number for 5 weeks (18 and 25 December 2009 and 1, 8 and 15 January 2010) making it both the Swedish Christmas and the New Year number one. After being toppled from top position for one week by Lady Gaga's Bad Romance on the charts of 22 January 2010, the song returned once again to the top on the chart dated 29 January 2010 for a 6th week at #1.

The song is written by Pär Westerlund and Joakim Olovsson. It was sung in the final by both Erik Grönwall and runner-up Calle Kristiansson. The song is included in Erik Grönwall's self-titled album Erik Grönwall.

Year (2009-2010)

Top position

Swedish Singles Chart


Higher (The Game song)

"Higher" is a song by West Coast rapper The Game, released as the fourth single from his debut album The Documentary exclusively in France on March 7, 2005.

Higher (The Overtones album)

Higher is the second studio album by the five-piece British- Irish doo-wop boy band The Overtones. The album was released on October 1, 2012 in the UK via Rhino Entertainment. The album was preceded by the release of the lead single, " Loving the Sound". The band worked with a number of well-known producers on the album, including Trevor Horn, Walter Afanasieff and Steve Robson, as well as production team Future Cut, who produced most of the original tracks on the album.

Higher (Regina Belle album)

Higher is the ninth studio album by singer-songwriter, Regina Belle, and was released June 5, 2012 on Pendulum Records. It peaked at #15 on the Billboard U.S. Gospel chart and #44 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Belle stated that she had more clear ideas during the creating and recording process of this album and she had a better understanding of where she wanted to go.

The album produced the single Make An Example Out Of Me, which peaked at #19 on the Billoboard Hot Gospel Songs chart.

Higher (The Saturdays song)

"Higher" is a song performed by British-Irish girl group The Saturdays taken from their debut extended play, Headlines!. Written by Ina Wroldsen and co-written & produced by Arnthor Birgisson, the song confirmed to be the EP's second single when it was released on 1 November 2010 by Fascination Records. In preparation for its release, the single was remixed to feature new vocals from American rapper Flo Rida after the rapper's single " Club Can't Handle Me" beat the group's previous single " Missing You" to number one; it was the second time they had lost the position to Flo Rida. Rochelle Wiseman jokingly said that the group would never get a number one until they collaborated with him.

Flo Rida personally offered the collaboration for both his and the group's fans. Critics generally praised the song as the strongest offering from Headlines!, for being infectious, catchy and feisty, although it received negative reception for overproduction. An accompanying music video for the song was shot in Los Angeles at Fox Studios, at the end of August 2010, and features the girls dancing through a New York traffic jam. The single remix of the song premiered on 16 September 2010 through Capital FM, while a new version of the video featuring Flo Rida premiered on 9 October 2010. "Higher" was successful, peaking in the top-ten in the Scottish and UK singles charts as well as top-fifteen in Ireland. It also won the 2011 Popjustice £20 Music Prize.

Higher (Taio Cruz song)

"Higher" is the fifth single from English singer-songwriter Taio Cruz's second studio album, Rokstarr. It was written and produced by Cruz and Sandy Vee, and was released on 26 November 2010. This song was originally written for Australian singer Kylie Minogue's album Aphrodite, but plans fell through. However, Cruz and Minogue recorded a version of the song for the European release, while American rapper Travie McCoy recorded guest raps for the American release. The Brazilian and United Kingdom versions have parts of McCoy's rap mixed into the Minogue version. The version on Cruz's albums feature a solo vocal by Cruz with no guest vocalist and an edited version of the solo version was added to Radio Disney's playlist.

Higher (The Horrors album)

Higher is a remix album by the Horrors, released in 2012.

According to keyboardist Tom Furse, the band were driving across California when they had the idea that they should release a box set of singles taken from the album Skying. According to Furse, they got drawn in to other artists that "excited" the band: "However, through chance encounters and wanting to involve more people whose music excited us, the box soon grew into an impressive collection of sonic tapestries and hypnotic grooves and it became apparent that this was no longer about the singles. It was now about this new music which had used the different elements of Skying as a springboard to other ideas. We encouraged everyone involved to be as obtuse as possible, to get as far away from the original source material as they could. The results are stunning, and I think it's just a shame we couldn't have done more." It was released two days after NME announced the album's existence.

Higher (Free)

"Higher (Free)" is a song by British band All About She. It was released on 2 December 2013. The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number twenty on the week ending 14 December 2013.

Higher (Star Pilots song)

Higher is a song written by Johan Fjellström, Joakim Udd and Johan Becker, and performed by Star Pilots at Melodifestivalen 2009. The song was performed in the 4th semifinal inside the Malmö Arena on 28 February 2009, and went further to Andra chansen where it ended up knocked out.

The single peaked at 6th position at the Swedish singles chart.

Several newspaper readers in Sweden blamed the song for being similar to the 1988 Boy Meets Girl song Waiting For a Star to Fall and the 2008 Jenny "Velvet" Petterssons song Take My Body Close as well as the Survivors's song 1982 song Eye of the Tiger .

Higher (Peter Jöback song)

Higher is a song written by Jörgen Elofsson and Mathias Venge, recorded by Peter Jöback on his 2000 album Only When I Breathe, as well as released as a single the same year.

Higher (Sigma song)

"Higher" is the fourth single by English drum and bass duo Sigma from their debut album Life (2015). It was written by TMS, Tom Hull and Wayne Hector. It features the vocals from English singer Labrinth. The song was released as a digital download in the United Kingdom on 22 March 2015. The song peaked to number 12 on the UK Singles Chart.

Higher (The Naked and Famous song)

"Higher" is a song by New Zealand indie electronic band The Naked and Famous from their upcoming third studio album, Simple Forms. It was released on 8 July 2016 as the album's lead single.

Usage examples of "higher".

I had discovered that the majority of Wraeththu rarely passed to a higher level than Acantha, which is the first of Ulani.

Come, grant the Trojans victory after victory till the Achaean armies pay my dear son back, building higher the honor he deserves!

In two sweltering weeks, their popularity and confidence never higher, the Federalist majority in Congress passed into law extreme measures that Adams had not asked for or encouraged.

No one will ever know, but it is perfectly possible that as the sun rose higher that cloudless morning, Adams felt contentment of a kind he had not known for years--once he got over the fact that traveling with him on the same stage, as chance would have it, was Theodore Sedgwick.

But, more significantly, AR can be aet off in higher creatures by any kind of stress-psychic stress in particular.

There were six men about on the deck, watching the sail or keeping lookout, rand the steersman on the steerboard side of the aftercastle raised a hand to Thorsten to signal all was well as he and Aylwin climbed the ladder to the higher deck.

I really can hardly conceive a higher enjoyment than a botanical tour among the Alleghany mountains, to any one who had science enough to profit by it.

She could smell a sweet almondlike scent and wondered if it was sap from a plant higher up the terraces.

She was not thoughtful and painstaking for the poor, because, though accustomed to a species of almsgiving, she heard nothing, saw nothing of nearer or higher association with her neighbours.

Poor Aloysia was attracted to the higher and more real glories of the virtuous lives of these holy men.

The amebocytes of starfish were recently found to contain a material that immobilizes the macrophages of mammals, resembling a product of immune lymphocytes in higher forms.

The victims who could scream did so, others only burbled through the gashes in their necks or elsewhere, and those yet unassailed were bawling and bleating and trampling each other, trying to swarm higher along the tiers as the Blues hacked their way up one side of the amphitheater and the Greens up the other.

Chittagong are much higher in the scale than the Andamanese, but they are nevertheless savages of a low type.

We have never been of those who advocate the wholesale performance of experiments by students, especially on the higher animals, if they are of such a kind as to require any degree of skill for their performance.

We believe, on the contrary, that many, if not all, of the higher species of animals, especially those nearest to man in structure and intelligence, receive, when subjected to the torment of fire or steel, precisely the same sensations that, under a like infliction, a human being would suffer.