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a. (alternative form of high-bred English)

Usage examples of "highbred".

It was a fine spring morning, but a sharp wind was blowing, and no one who knew him could suppose that the Marquis would keep his highbred horses waiting for more than a few minutes.

They were small, sturdy beasts, unlovely and not very tamenothing like the highbred steeds the Videssians prized.

But Lord Marlow blundering jovially through the London scene and Lord Marlow bestriding one of his highbred hunters were two very different persons.

Nelson saw his likeness to Nsharra-the same highbred, handsome features, the same intense passion flashing in his dark eyes.

The boy was straining forward, nostrils flickering, head held high, like some trembling highbred beast restrained on a leash.

They were fond and proud of each other, and were religious and good citizens in a highbred, punctilious way.

Nelson saw his likeness to Nsharra--the same highbred, handsome features, the same intense passion flashing in his dark eyes.

In their favor, the orcs and minor humanoids were useful for assaults on the gigantic, space-going dwarven citadels, where they could absorb the initial losses from traps and ambushes before the highbred scro and their allies took over and battered their ways through to the forges and redoubts.

Clive was beginning to notice that she was beautiful, in a clear, golden, highbred way.

Saltus, I had supposed in my innocence that all mounts might be divided into two sorts: the highbred and swift, and the cold-blooded and slow.

He looked very pale, perhaps, but otherwise kept up the bearing of a highbred gentleman.

And from a book they reads out the names of the beautiful highbred terriers which I have got to meet.

But, like many highbred and highstrung collies, he did not fancy having his collar seized by a stranger.

Ever since I can remember her she has been the quaintest mixture of the housewife and the woman of letters, with the highbred spirited lady as a basis for either character.