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The Collaborative International Dictionary

High-top \High"-top`\, n. A ship's masthead.


alt. A kind of sports shoe that extends significantly over the wearer's ankle. n. A kind of sports shoe that extends significantly over the wearer's ankle.


adj. (of shoes or boots) having relatively high uppers [syn: high-topped]


The high-top is a shoe that extends significantly over the wearer's ankle. It is commonly an athletic shoe, particularly for basketball. It is sometimes confused with the slightly shorter mid-top, which typically extends no higher than the wearer's ankle. High-tops also should not be confused with shorter-length boots such as ankle boots, since high-tops usually refer to athletic shoes, although can also refer to other above-ankle shoes such as some hiking boots.

Examples of basketball shoes that are high-tops are Converse All-Stars, Nike Air Forces 1, 2, and 3, Reebok Freestyle, Reebok BB4600 and Foggia Hi LTD from Fila. Others include skateboarding sneakers, such as the Vans Vault Hi Fi LX which are quite supportive to the wearer's ankles and are useful to those with hypermobility and fallen arches.

High-top (disambiguation)

High-top, High Top, Hi-Tops and Hitop may refer to:

  • High-top, a style of shoes
  • Hitop, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in Kanawha County
  • High Top, a Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Hi-Tops (film), a 1985 Christian movie

Usage examples of "high-top".

He was wearing a black T-shirt that fit him like a tattoo and black SWAT pants tucked into black high-top boots.

Gulf of Mexico, tall ships wearing high-top wings of white sailcloth had to ride the tidal flow through a measureless, reedy delta in order to reach it.

She was no higher than his armpit and rather the ragamuffin in scuffed brown high-top shoes with knots in their strings and a sacky brown pinafore-shaped dress whose patch pockets sagged.

He heard the tinkling of the bell over the door as though it were coming from a distant lush valley, and he moved into the store behind Jocko, moved on feet that seemed cushioned- he was Somehow in sneakers again, though he wa sWearing black-leather loafers, he was running in high-topped Keds, he was ten years old and oin far a hae that had bean chalked onto the asphalt, running in slow motion, Coney, they are yelling at him.

Lace looked down at his feet, at the high-top Adidas, the shoelaces curling like skinny snakes around his feet.

Kate had on an old college sweatsuit, high-topped running shoes, dimestore sunglasses.

Both boys are wearing their hockey uniforms, but they have traded their skates for high-top basketball shoes.

The innkeeper wore a Kingdom-style tunic and trousers, the latter tucked into high-top calfskin boots.

She wasn't sure what she expected-Peter Pan outfits or whatever-but the pants were mostly loose but leather, the shirts very thick wool or cotton with large wooden fasteners, the boots mostly high-top range-type or chukka boot height.

Only _her_ shoes were industrial-strength, high-top basketball jobs with enough home-boy decoration on them to rate her a free pass to a Crips meeting.

His breath plumed in the cold air, but he was slick with sweat and didn't feel the cold even though all he wore were red gym shorts and high-top Keds and a sleeveless green tee shirt.

Hoke wore high-topped, lace-up, doublesoled black shoes, which gave him away as a cop if his face did not.

He was dressed in his khakis, and when she glanced down she saw that his high-topped shoes were leaving tracks on her mother's carpet.

Their uniforms were black and they were wearing the same kind of black high-top SWAT-trainers that Rydell had worn on patrol in Knoxville, the ones with the Kevlar insoles in case somebody snuck up and tried to shoot you in the bottom of the foot.

A boy in a Marlins baseball cap and high-top Air Jordans stood on a cinder block spray-painting a wall with a $2.